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Contract General Counsel

It happens to every business owner or corporate executive – an issue arises and you think to yourself, “I need to speak to a lawyer.” For some companies, this is a weekly, or even daily, occurrence. But who do you contact? A commercial lawyer? A litigator? An HR specialist?

At Newburn Law, our attorneys currently serve as General Counsel for multiple companies, fielding every imaginable question – from accounting to HR, to operations, to litigation. For those clients that desire a more hands-on approach, and the benefit of being able to receive legal advice from an experienced executive familiar with their unique business operations, we offer our contract General Counsel services. For a fixed monthly rate or our standard hourly rates, your company can enjoy all the benefits of an experienced General Counsel without the added expense of a full-time executive. 

Contact us today to see how our contract general counsel services can fulfill your company's needs!

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