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About Newburn Law


Newburn Law was founded in 2013 to fulfill all of the legal needs of a single public client - iSatori, Inc. In the years since its founding, the firm has grown to fulfill one goal - provide its clients the high quality, extensively experienced legal representation previously only offered by large, national and multi-national law firms.  Our attorneys graduated from top law schools, with prestigious honors like Law Review and Moot Court Captaincy, and went on to train at preeminent national and international law firms. In addition, our founder has an MBA, has started numerous companies and served in executive legal and commercial roles in public and private companies.  

At Newburn Law, we recognize the stress legal issues can cause because we have experienced them in our own companies. From overseeing human resources, to implementing corporate governance and risk policies, to managing litigation and insurance, to drafting customized form agreements, there is very little day-to-day legal and corporate activities our attorneys have not experienced firsthand. These insights shape our legal advice. Your legal needs are not academic issues for us. We have lived them in our own companies and leverage that experience on your behalf.


Grand marble entry ways in downtown, high rise office buildings.  Massive mahogany conference tables in grandiose conference rooms and dozens of support staff. At Newburn Law, you will find none of these. We have invested in technology and taken the practice of law virtual. At Newburn Law, you are not paying hundreds of dollars an hour to train a second year lawyer and our costs aren't burdened by expensive office space and extravagant staff. As a result, our experienced attorneys provide you the same level of sophistication and expertise as larger firms at a fraction of the cost. We invite you to compare the resumes of our attorneys to those at large national and international law firms ... and then compare our rates. 

At Newburn Law, you don't just get an academically experienced attorney. We take the time to understand your business and, combined with our extensive experience running our own companies, craft legal solutions tailored to the needs of your company. With Newburn Law, you won't get the "book" answer but rather a solution we have implemented successfully in the real world.  


At Newburn Law, we understand the financial constraints of operating a business in today's challenging environment. Today's companies need sound legal advice at reasonable rates and they need that advice tailored to their unique business needs. We take the time to build long-term relationships with our clients to provide expert, customized services in:

  • Corporate Formations
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Finance
  • Energy Law
  • Contract General Counsel Services

Newburn Law prides itself on developing real, lasting connections with clients, allowing us to put complex legal issues into language that business owners and executives can easily understand in the context of their own companies. The majority of our clients have been with us for years and we look forward to helping each and every one grow into the future. 

From when your company is little more than an idea in a garage to the day your enterprise is ready lock in its success with a sale or IPO, and for every day in between, you deserve an attorney with the skills and expertise to obtain the best outcome for your business.

Contact Newburn Law today to see how we can help you develop the legal framework to turn your company's dreams into your company's reality.